( New song) Then I see you there again.

Hi all, A song about a guy/girl who keeps seeing a guy/girl on his/her way to work and goes from despair to excitement then back to despair every morning and evening…


If you take a listen, I thank you, :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, yay, another Kevin Mac recording! I think it’s fabulous, great vocal, and as usual, recently, would only ask for a more elaborate bass line. But no comments on vocals, overall mix, etc; it all works. What are you using for drums these days? They sound excellent.

Hi, thanks for the listen and comments :slight_smile: bass is definitely my problem area, I always do the minimum…hate doing bass!! :angry:

for drums I’m using the Rock expansion with EZdrummer and a parallel compression bus with Waves SSLG comp (or SSL G channel), Puigtec EQP1A (also waves) and Waves REDD 17 for the saturation aspect…

Hi Kevin,
again a very good performance. I like most the part starting around 2:30. Thank you for sharing!
Best Stefan

I really like this one. Very good.
Talented singing & nice chill vibe.

thanks listening guys…appreciated :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin,

I’ve listened several times since you posted this tune
and wanted to make sure I knew what I say saying
before commenting.

For me, this is a song with no distinct chorus. That’s
not necessarily bad (of course) but together with
the changes and halts to the drums along the way
I feel the tune lacks something. In my own head,
I think it should it be called “I Wait For You”, as
that seems to be the strongest hook (for me).

Feel free to disagree. It’s just my personal opinion
of the song.

Cheers Jet, I ummed and arred between said titles and eneded up with then I see you there again though listening now I wait for you does seem the stronger element, sometimes i just don’t bother following the standard path of pop songs and ignore the rules regarding chorus and stuff…thanks for listening Jet… :slight_smile: