New song - Touchstone

Hey guys,

Here’s a newy from me. It’s called Touchstone and I’m pretty happy with it so far.

I’ve been working on my singing a lot lately and hopefully it shows :slight_smile:


All comments welcome!



Fun song and pretty good job. I thought the bass could use a low end boost. I could hear it if I concentrated but couldn’t “feel” the low end. I like the sound of the drums (i.e. mixing wise) but there were a lot of times where the timing felt “awkward” or “off” even given the “swingy” feel of the rhythm. I thought the vocals sounded good pretty good. May I ask how you recorded them? For example, what kind of microphone/environment?

nice tune wes ,you always come up with nice melodies,the mix was pleasing and like jaslan says i alo felt the drum programing was a bit shakey. the arrangemement could maybe be looked at cause the ending melody notes seem to repeat a bit too much but apart from that good stuff .

Catchy song and nice performance. Mix wise I thought the vocal could have sat back in the mix more.

This is a good commercial sounding tune but you need to sort the timing out and that organ thing that comes in is just fighting with your vocal which is actually not bad…, arrangement is just a bit messy, the tune is good enough to stand without all the other quirky stuff goin on, some good writing ideas there mate, you’ve just got to catch up with the production/arrangement stuff which is hard…well it is for me anyway…well done…Kevin

Thanks guys

Damn I really thought I got the bass right this time! :slight_smile: The drum beat is an interesting one… The song actually came about with me intended to make a hip-hop beat which is why it has that kind of “off” timing. There’s definitely a couple fills in there which I need to fix. I guess if you think you can get away with something, you can’t!

J.L - the vocals were tracked with a Rode K2 -->Focusrite Saffire interface. They were recorded in my home studio which is treated with acoustic panels but nothing fancy. I was worried that they sounded a bit too boxy (it’s hard to tell with my own voice).

Thanks for the tips guys, I think these are all easy fixes so great :slight_smile:


I have to agree with Kevin, the synth sound is arcade game like and doesn’t compliment your voice, play around with some other sounds and see what sounds better. Really nice tune and catchy song. Michael.

Thanks Michael.

I’ve updated the mix now but maybe I’ll have to spend some time with testing some other synths.

that fairground organ needs to be gone…just interfering with the Vox…Kevin