New song "wonderful Life"

Very nice song, Steve!

On my system ( and to me) it sounds like the drums are just a bit loud, except the kick which should be a tad louder in relation to the rest of the kit. Also, IMHO, the bass should be a touch louder.
Overall, it’s a nice open mix, you’re becoming quite a competent singer as well, 'nice to hear :slight_smile: .

I like it,


Hi Steve

Similar thoughts here. Kick and bass and also vocals could come up IMHO. Otherwise good stuff!

Nice song Steve. I also thought the vocals were not loud enough. Good singing though!

Did you ride the vocal? It’s got some really strange volume drops at times, the clearest one being just 2 seconds in on ‘spend’.
Agreed with all the comments so far. Nice drums programming, but they should come down a little. Nice song otherwise, and well played :slight_smile:

Your singing is really beautiful, Steve!

Hi Steve,

Great song, I like your singing. :slight_smile:

A few nits: The drums are too loud IMO and the ambience on the piano isn’t quite right, it sounds like it’s in another space.
I can hear you put a lot of work in the sax solo, and it sounds pretty good, but to me it’s very clear that it’s a sample… I’m sorry… :neutral_face:

But like I said: it’s a great song! :sunglasses:
More please! :smiley:


Listening now Steve. Yeah, snare is too loud and occasionally plays havoc with competing frequencies so that some instruments enter as kind of sudden instead of discrete, especially the piano. Vox is good and could come up a few db in places. Nicely written sax solo but I take Wim’s view on it, gotta remember these guys breathe so phrasing is an important issue. Like the phone vox at the end :smiley:


Nice song, Steve! I agree with some of the other posts - maybe a bit down on the drums and up on the vocals. Your voice sounds great - let it shine!

I think the singing sounds really good, maybe the best part of the song. The drums also sound great, although as others pointed out, a little loud throughout. At around 1:45 the bass sounds a little lost. I think you’re playing a D when you want to play Db since it’s a Db chord. Agree also that the sax sounds good but not right for the instrument. Wondering why you didn’t put a guitar solo there, since if I remember correctly you’re one of the players around here. Really nice job, I’ll bet it worked!

No, I mean automation on the vocal volume fader. To me it sounds at certain points like you dip the fader down for a short while, strange noone else seems to notice it :confused: Is it me?

No I hear it too, meant to comment on it.

good quality of sounds BUt loads of timing and structure issues ,standard mid of the road music to me !

sound like a bit of later day “spirit” but out of time !

:slight_smile: :wink:

(Steve, I’d rather hear a (your) guitar solo, as opposed to a sax solo. That’s your strength, so why not use it?)

Nice tune with excellent drums! Vocals (and sax) need to come up quite a bit. Also, although your voice has a nice timbre to it, it seems the auto-tune is pretty noticeable throughout… also seems there’s some distortion on it (maybe pushed a compressor too hard?)

Still, a really good tune

(I agree with Majik – but in a clean-tone guitar solo in there) :sunglasses:

Nice easy-listening song and yeah, your voice is pretty good eh? :slight_smile: Though I thought I heard some tuning or editing artifacts here and there… e.g. 1:19.
Add harmonies??

Drums definitely too loud…or is it that everything else is too quiet?? :wink: That crash cymbal in my left ear is really annoying :smiling_imp: …I’d pull that down even more than the rest of the kit.

While I think sax suits the song stylistically as it is presented at the moment, I’d actually like to hear the song dirtied up a bit, make it ballsier, less ‘easy-listening’. Adding guitars would certainly be the way to go I think :sunglasses:

+1 to the comments about the singing - lovely sounding vocals.

I also heard the Autotune-type artefacts, but funnily enough I thought they went really well with the song - they make the whole thing stand out for me, inasmuch as they’re not what you would expect with this genre.

I thought the vocal melody had a real catch to it too. Very enjoyable all round. (Perhaps you could ask Wim if he fancies soloing on this…)