New song "You are the One"

Please check out my new song “You are the One”

I liked the lead synth that starts around 0:17, but it’s answer one could be a little louder. In the overall I felt a sense of lack of life, maybe you could go with some saturation here and there. Thanks for sharing, keep the good work!

Nice. I was surprised the vocal came in after about a minute and a half … maybe a more cohesive intro, with some vocal adlib teasers to let us know what is coming up? Some “ooh ooh ooh” (you know, just like it sounds in my head … haha). Yeah the intro, stylistically it changed up a little and I think it could just hammer away at one type of beat, and build up and up and allow the vocal to come in and break the tension. Keep it going.

Thanks for the comments NathanBros & MickDesign.

This song was completed in 2 sessions about 10hours work max.
Was limited by the samples I had.
Trying to get different singers to sound the same was a pain.