(New song) You lead the way

Hi peeps…A song that just popped out while I was in the middle of another song…


If you take a listen, I thank you,

best, Kevin

very good ,enjoyed it ,i like the mix , only listened on the ear goggles but still a good job, the guitar solo reminds me of Mike Oldfield,well done Kevin.

Another really good song. I think the mix sounds great. It just gets better and better.

Thanks for listening guy’s…

best, Kevin

I also hear real improvements in the mixing and overall sound here. Nice song! It’s really like anything else – the more you do it, the better you get at it :sunglasses:

thank you for listening Mr Twilightsong


Lovely track & I have to agree with twighlightsong, the mix is much stronger than previous tracks. Nice vocals, perhaps a bit too much vibrato in a couple of places but pretty near perfect overall. If that was a happy accident that just popped out… well! :slight_smile:

thanks for listening mate…
best, Kevin

This could well be your best mix and production yet. Great job!
Oh, and it’s not a bad song either! :smiley:

Hi Kevin,

I have to agree with the others: you’ve improved a lot, this sounds really good!
And yes, the guitar solo reminded me of Mike Oldfield as well! :sunglasses:


Ian, Wim, thanks for the listen, my improvement is down to help from members of this forum, they know who they are and I thank them… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

best, Kevin