new song

new song…City streets

cool. vocal sounds a bit buried in my opinion, but that just might have been what u wanted, not sure.

also you sound like michael w smith. Not sure if you ever heard of him. hehe

Hi, no didn’t mean to bury the vocal just don’t like the sound of my voice very much and I aint no born again christian but thanks for the compliment…

Nice sounding song. Is it all vsti’s? Like the drums and the bass. String pad is somewhat uniform… Good job!

Hi, Yeah it’s all in the box and your right about the pad…production is a steep learning curve for me so hopefully it will get better…constructive comments such as yours and the other muso’s help me alot because sometimes I can’t see the wood for the tree’s…( been saying that a lot lately )

I like the tune and vocal, good writing. Like the beginning and placement of the tambourine, made me look for one the whole time :slight_smile:
Maybe you could remix and put instruments in different places on stage to get a bit more separation. Maybe drop the pad in places even or put an effect on it for a bit. Is it omnishere? If so somewhere use the orbit just to change the texture at one point maybe. This one could be killer

Thanks ksarider, production is not my best side…I know it lets me down and your comments regarding the pad are interesting…if I ever get my stuff working again I’ll try it, for now I’ve reverted back to XP and C4 because I can not stop the 1 to 4 second audio dropouts I’m getting, but this is the wrong place for that…thanks for your encouraging comments, I heard some of your stuff and I am a million miles away in production terms…best regards, Kevin

sorry I did not spell your name correctly…

80ties vibe, very machinelike sound. I like the atmosphere.
In this mix I hear the guitar and vocals in exactly the same spot, if you could seperate those elements the mix would be more open. They occupy not only the same space but also the same frequenties.

I would make the guitar a lot more bigger and distant so it falls more to the back of it all.
You could ride it more upfront on solo spots when the vocals are away.

greetz Dylan.

Hi, I have loads of trouble with my guitar sound…it sounds crap to me !! everytime i try to make something big it destroys everything else, I’m for sure getting it wrong…thanks for the input…got a lot to learn about separation

You could make it less sparkling, roll of the hi-end, then it will go further to the back.
Use big reverbs and mix it in gentle.
delays delays delays…especially bucket brigades…Get long feedbacks and filter all the high off, this will make it big.

try this:

Get the stereo delay from cubase, put the left on 4D and the right on 8D, then rolloff both high’s. it should not be too present. so make it not too wet and very dark and long.


get the stereo delay, put it on time not in sync.
Both channels full wet and filters disabled.
Then increas one channel between 15 and 25 milli secconds.
this will widen it (same as copy and nudge it a bit but then with more controll)

Hope that helps,


thanks, I’ll have a go…though I prefer to use presets cause it’s much easier I’m not into production…just music…best regards, Kevin

I don’t know about anyone else but I am going to try this. I don’t use many effects being fairly old school but this sounds real interesting. Do you have any examples where you can point out what the result is (what I should be trying to achieve) if you do please post!!! Thanks great ideas Dylan

Don’t cut yourself down lol you have great skills and we are all here to learn/share. Hope you get rig working soon if you need help PM me Id be happy to help and thanks for the kind words!!!


The piano was treatet with the stereo delay (8D 4D) and a big dark reverb, most synths were widened with the stereo delay , one channel at 0 and the other at 15-25 milliseconds.
All the instruments are rolled of in the highs and lows for seperation.

Mostly I do it in this order:

Panning or widening
roll of with hi or low pass filters.

This because if you eq first and then pan, mostly results in re eqingt, so the orer pan-EQ-compress is for me the most logical order.

Anyway, a lot of my sounds are crafted through delays, even more then reverbs, but that is a style choice I think.
I you are oldskool maybe my methods are not the best.

Greetz Dylan.

Thanks…that is much appreciated…and thanks to sir dancelot for the suggestions…

Sorry early21 did not reply to you earlier…yes all vst’s except the guitar…

Yes, 80’s sound, that was my first thought.
It reminds me a bit of Nik Kershaw.

I think it’s a good start, it could do with some variation IMO.
Dylan gave some good ideas regarding the delay.


I agree with others on trying to puts some echoey delay effects on the guitar. Don’t necessarily think it needs to be a lot “bigger”.

I thought the intro could come in stronger and the bass drum on the chorus could use some more low end perhaps. The ending maybe a little quicker fade out. Liked the ideas and a good foundation to work on improving the mix.

Thanks for all the input, I’ve got to learn…learn…learn about production…