new song

Hi, new song…kept it short…one question, is there too much bass on it, I’ve only got small genelecs so bass is a difficult area for me…thanks, Kevin

Hello, I’ve listened to your music on the Sound Cloud forum, you’ve got some nice tunes. I note that a lot of people place their music on forums like this. If your music is exposed in forums like this does it limit you from recording the music again on a major label. Should I worry about this? What about copyright? Thanks.

Hi, Adele was discovered because her stuff was on the net…apart from touring with a band and building up a fan base I can’t think of any other way to get “discovered”, nowadays,…anyway, the chances of making it in the music industry are similar to the chances of winning the lottery, I wouldn’t worry about it…just enjoy music but dont be precious about your songs…put them out there because you never know…anyway…you could always write some more tunes !!! and remember…Beethoven and Shakespeare did it better a long time ago…we’re just plonkers compared to them, good luck and best regards to you…Kevin

also if you wrote it first it’s your copyright innit !! somebody would have to show they did it first and they couldn’t could they …if somebody steals it…(unlikely ) and ihas a hit…you sue em…

Great tune love it

Take a moment to live…

Greetz Bassbase

Nice song!
I was expecting a more housey beat to come in after that intro, it sounds like a classic dance tune for the first half.
To me it seems you used some drumloops and didn’t actually program drums or put too much effort in creating a groove. That’s not wrong per se, but the fact that I can hear it may be an indication that it needs some polishing. You go back and forth between a few different rhytms which don’t seem really related to me.

I was also hearing a really cool synth line in my head during the refrains. Take a short stab sound and do some quick runs on your keyboard, see if that brings up something :slight_smile:. The pizzicato sound you have playing in the first verse is a good example, take that and elaborate on it during the refrains instead of taking it away :wink:

thanks bassbase…

Hi Strophoid…as usual you’ve got it right…I didn’t spend enough time “polishing” I need to learn to slow down and take some time on the production, I’m always in a rush to get a song finished so I can do the next one…but in the process maybe do not do the song justice…the pizzicato sound came and went because I was aware of previous critiques of other songs saying they need more light and shade…( not necessarily from you ) so did not bring it back…can you just elaborate on what the refrains are please…thanks, Kevin

also is the bass ok at your end…

re: Take A Moment To Live -

This offering uses a four-bar phrase based on Bb, F, Cmi and Gmi built around a Bb major pentatonic.
After 4 bars introduction with strings, the bass enters then vocals at bar nine. I am reminded of ‘Forever Young’ by Youth Group. Nice clear vocal with a harmony above.
Forever lost when you go
You know we can’t live this way forever,
Got to make your move slow
For [ummm]…
Let me show you
Second verse adds pizzicato strings
Chorus: Take a moment to live
You never know what the night can bring you
Take a moment to live
You never know what the night can bring you
another verse and chorus.

The second chorus adds a nice percussive bass or is it drums?

If you never know the night you can never the truth
If you never take a leaf, you can never know the book.
If you never see the sun
you can never feel the rain
Why don’t you come along
When night is on my way
Take a moment to live
Take a moment to live
then a nice guitar melody played twice with a fade-out.
Total length 2:53

This song is nicely crafted, with a clean uncluttered texture.
The repetitive chord pattern sounds to me like it is begging for release.
Like I want to hear an Eb chord at the start of the chorus or something just to release the tension that builds up.
I could imagine this song developing U2 style in the same key, with layer upon layer and some epic vocal.

Or developing the harmony more by opening the chord progession. Maybe some contrasting rhythm.

Overall though it is nice ‘moment’. After two minutes of this, you want to move to the next. If the next song was another four-chord-repeating pattern I would tune out.

Summing up: Repetition builds tension. I wonder if the lyrics invite a release of tension at the chorus and if that could be achieved by varying the harmony or rhythm.

Anyway as it is I like it. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Hi Galvinstephen, thank you for that rather intellectual appraisal…your right about the Eb…it would’ve been nice in there, at the mo I tend to write a song and just get it done then get on with another one but clearly I should take some time with a song and try to develop it a bit more, if it’s a nice moment, then for now that’s good enough for me…I’ll get on and try to write another nice moment…( maybe with 5 chords ) thank you very much for taking the time and I appreciate your appraisal and will take on board what you said for my next song…nay…moment, regards to you, Kevin

the word you were looking for is…or never…

You are welcome Kevin.

Perhaps you could review my song on the same forum.

Stephen :bulb:

Hi Kevin,

my room is treated and the bass end sounds fine here.

It’s a nice tune and it’s sung well.

I found the stabbing bass was a bit much (in terms of the arrangement)
and it’s staggered pattern was stronger than any drum element you had going,
so I never felt the song got lift-off in terms of my toe tapping. It was broken up
rather than fluid.
Indeed, the production seemed to get weaker in this regard as it passed the middle section,
where you really needed to fly.

Not sure about the squelchy snare patch, quite dry too so it sticks out and
seems pasted over the mix rather than part of it. But maybe that’s what you want.

yeah…know what you mean ( now you’ve pointed it out ) that’s why I come here…to get objective and concise comments that help me to improve my production, your track has a smoothness that I have yet to achieve…cheers, Kevin

thanks for the info on the bass…at least I got that right…cheers again, Kevin

My only criticism is when the high hats come in, the frequecies between them and the vocals seem to be the same. May want to sweep those high hats so they don’t contend with vocals.

Yeah…your getting into a production area that I haven’t got to yet !!! still reading up on the EQ thing but that’s another note in my diary of what to look out for…thanks for the comment, it’s much easier to learn when I receive comments on something I didn’t even know about, the current song I’m working on is taking longer because I have more to deal with as a consequence of comments from the forum…it’s very helpful, cheers, Kevin.