new song

Hi, a new song and hopefully sounds better after taking advice on production etc from various members of of this forum…thanks…Kevin

Nice song, I like it. The mix lacks bass on my speakers. The open hihats you play most of the time are very brittle. Snare is nice, but the kickdrum really needs to come up in the mix.
Nice singing, but you had that down for your previous tracks too :sunglasses:

Hi strophoid…so I’ve de-brittled the hihat, raised the level of the kick drum and added more bass to the synth line, if you listen again can you tell me if it’s an improvement please, thanks, Kevin

The synth has definitely improved, kick as well but it may be just a little bit too much now.
Hats are much better as well!

I feel the ending could maybe use some more work, it’s not very natural to my ears, but I’m not sure what to suggest.
Keep it up!

Thanks for your input strophoid…it’s much apreciated, Kevin

I listened under cans…so all the usual caveats.

The synth bass sounds like the biggest element of the mix, perhaps too big.

Everything about music is personal, but from a writer’s perspective i think
the final part could do with a re-think. Given there is already a step-back
section earlier in the song, it seems (to me) that the development gets
robbed as you intro another step-back section at the end. It all sort of
then suddenly ends.

One other thing I’d like to hear is some fresh sounds introduced as the
song progresses, again to help development.

[quote=it seems (to me) that the development getsrobbed as you intro another step-back section at the end. It all sort ofthen suddenly ends.[/quote]

So do you reckon I should dump the end part and finish on a fade out of the chorus ? I take your point regarding fresh sounds being introduced as the song progresses, I have enough trouble now mixing 5 or 6 elements so hopefully I’ll get better and be able to do that in future songs…but wait !! as I say that I realise I should maybe take out an instrument and replace it with another…or maybe not…just dunno…cheers, Kevin

I haven’t done a fadeout for many, many years.
So, no, I don’t urge that as a solution, but it’s your tune.
I’m sure you’ll come up with a trick. :wink:

Yeah, come to think of it…dont hear many fade outs lately, maybe it should end as sudenly as it starts…best to you, Kevin

been listening to some of your stuff on your site, I particularly like “my love will come” beautiful arrangement, your clearly somebody i should take notice of…regards to you , Kevin

Hi Kevin,

you could be right, perhaps a big build and then an end. :wink:
And other sounds! :wink:


I tend to agree. The song works well until towards the end.


Can’t add much to the comments above from Jet except to say I agree with all. And, I’m totally against all fadeouts! That’s a copout! The song is definitely going to work, in my opinion. You get a very nice feel going.