New song

Hi everyone…new song…if you’ve got the time…Kevin

hi kevin,

nice sounding songs, didnt listen to them all (you have a fair whack up there) but what i listened to think i preferred solor love, you remind me a bit of duran duran

Oh MY GOD !!! is that good or bad ?, thanks for taking the time to listen mate…Kevin

haha, i think the size of their fanbase would suggest good, i prefer Guns n Roses or Aerosmith but i think everyone secretly likes the song Rio


Sounds good to me. Catchy writing as usual from you! And I like the sound of your voice. I think I’ve suggested on others as well that a little variety in the backing would increase the interest… Got an urge to say turn the bass up a little, but I’m not sure. Nice one.

Hi early 21…thanks for the comments,I did try to make the backing track more interesting but I’ve obviously failed again and I thought the bass was ok but to you it’s a bit low…must be because I have very small Genelec speakers, the next song I’ll blow my speakers up and it should be right…thanks again and cheers, Kevin

this is a great song, very tight and polished.

Wow thanks bluebob !! can’t believe I’m hearing this…need to go and lay down in my floatation tank…cheers, Kevin

I thought this was a music forum, not a tranny hangout. :laughing:
I’m juz messin’ with ya mate. But cute avatar. :wink:

It’s a good pop song, but a bit bland in terms of arrangement and overall dynamics.
It starts and then it goes on to the end, not a lot to catch the ears beyond the vocal line.
Even the “break” is just that, a break from the sameness.

You can craft nice tunes, but I think better music content will help you. :wink:

Hi, the avatar is my other half…have to put up with her around me all day…it’s just terrible…anyway, thanks for your critique, I’m happy that you’ve said it’s a good pop song, getting somewhere at least, I’m still a long way from your level of sophistication regarding arrangements and production, I’ve only just figured out how to control the dynamics but now it’s a bit bland…ah well…onwards and upwards !! cheers, Kevin

Nice song, I like it and I like the melody and I think you have a good voice for this sort of thing. I did think maybe there were quite a few cliche’ lines in the lyrics though?

I certainly agree there’s huge potential for a lot more colour in the arrangement - I’d be bringing some new sounds as early as 0:36. Also, as it is at the moment its not really all that apparent to me where the choruses are - I’d be thinking about really picking things up in the rhythm section to make those choruses stand out and really fly.
It’d be worth putting the extra effort in because it is a good song :sunglasses:

I like it. Nice voice, very smooth recording. I like the melody and feel of the song very much. I think it would be perfect with a drum part that had a bit more feel. The drums are somewhat robotic and clunky. The verse drum part is pretty good, quarter notes on the hat. The 1/8th note hats sound too rushed. Great verb on the vocals and piano.

Hi Sherz…jjtcorsair, thanks for the comments, bit difficult to do any piece of music without a “cliche” somewhere…everythings been done before,
I agree the rhythm should pick up at the chorus…listening back now it seems obvious but it wasn’t then…that’s the great thing about this forum.

I’m not a drummer so find these parts difficult to do, I use Jamstix which does help me alot.

once I’ve finished a song I tend to leave it be and use what I’ve learned on the next song…is that bad ?
the best part of music for me is creating a new song,

I don’t think we should worry too much about cliche’s, just take a look at the cliche ridden charts,

thank you so much for your comments, the next song will be better after taking these comments in, cheers, Kevin

jttcorsair…Had a listen to your stuff and thought it was excellent. what a great guitar sound, any chance of givin up how you achieve it ?

Sherz…great photography…don’t feel qualified to comment on your music which is clearly very clever…Kevin

You are done when we say you are done!

Ha ha… I feel the same way about my tunes too. There’s only so much work you can do before you lose steam and what to start something new.

My guitar sound is achieved with a GSP1101, some preset tweaking, judicious panning and part planning and some eq here and there.

Yeah…totally agree, thanks for the info, Kevin