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Your right…comparison with the absolute best is the only way to go I accept that…it’s just that the absolute best usually involves a team of experts which people like me have no access to (maybe youtube)…but I suppose it’s the only way to go…your critiques are always on the money but sometimes a little heavy handed and thoughtless…such as suggesting sherz gets a professional singer in while using virtual singers in your own work.don’t get me wrong…I like your work and would use virtual singers myself but I would refrain from criticizing other peoples singing if I was using virtual singers …for fear of being hypocritical, for anyone to suggest you get a real pro singer in would be ludicrous, same with me, sherz or anyone else doing everything themselves…good criticism from people like you is always welcome but lets keep it real, best to you, Kevin

If you re-read you’ll see quite clearly that I said to Sherz that I would like to hear the song with a trained singer. That is not suggesting it’s necessary at all to do so. I can see how you may have misunderstood that, but I typed it in plain English. Wondering what something would sound like and expressing an interest in that is a lot different to making a suggestion.

Besides you can always have an opinion about anything and having to use virtual vocal parts doesn’t mean you don’t have a good ear for vocals. Some people may say if an opinion isn’t positive in every way then don’t give it. I didn’t see my opinion as being negative, if anything it was a compliment to the arranging and songwriting skills to desire to hear it in that way. I said to Sherz that his voice was good and has character, but that I’d simply be interested in hearing the songs with a trained singer. Once again, that wasn’t a suggestion that that is what he should go and do. If he was offended by that opinion I’ll apologize, but it seemed to me that he understood it as it was intended and took the compliment in it. I don’t know why others and yourself have misquoted me on that when you can clearly read what I said. But if someone did suggest that I record the vocal parts with a real singer than I wouldn’t receive it as being ludicrous at all, I’d think that it was a perfectly fair comment to make. Unless I said that I’m not at that stage to be able to do so yet and they kept hounding about it.

I like your style and stuff too and if I didn’t I wouldn’t comment at all :stuck_out_tongue: But I don’t state my opinion about things such as liking or disliking the sound of someones voice as fact and I hope most people don’t always take it that way. Some people type “imo” after anything like that, but by default it’s an opinion so I’ve avoided typing “imo” after opinions :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok mate nuff said…I’m a bit of a straight talker…like you and am from the north east of UK like you where straight talking is the name of the game…respect everything you’ve said and accept I may have got it a bit wrong here and there, best to you…Kevin

I respect your honesty and opinions too and I think the difference between us and certain other people is that we can have grown up conversations and not take offense, not have our feelings hurt and retain respect for each other. Best to you too.

Nice song! Really like the vocals on this one. The instrument part could be a little more punchy and i think that this kind of song usually uses more compression.

My two cents.

Thumbs up!

Cheers mate…still figuring out the production aspect of music…thanks for listening…Kevin