(new song)

My thanks to Leon for his sterling bass track…if you take a listen, I thank you. :slight_smile:


best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Sounds great dude. Silky and smooth.

Seems to be dead here, but I liked what you did since I got the early version… keep them coming!

Fabulous song Kevin. Fascinating progression and production. Reminds me of Marianne Faithfuls efforts in the eighties. Would love to hear some harmonies in the choruses at the end.

Great Job


Thank you guys…Marianne Faithful…MMmm…intersting comment…

I meant it in a good way. I loved her Broken English album - there was a passion there and maybe that’s what I’m hearing in this track.


Good tune! I’m 2 for 2 tonight. Glad I stopped in.

I took it in a good way my friend… :slight_smile:

Another epic-sounding tune.
Good how you balanced the heaviness with the lighter acoustic.

Same question about the bass. Just wondering.