New Sound Sets

Hi All, I have Halion 4.5 but not had a chance to get much use out of it as currently installed on Laptop while I await my new PC to arrive (hopefully Wednesday next week).
In any case just wondering if there are any other free sound bank/sets available from Steinberg to add to the original content. I dont think I have installed disk two yet for some reason that eludes me, think I had a problem at time and decided to give up until new PC arrived.

Also i have used a few sounds from Halion one before and could not see them in the Halion 4 set up, stuff like acoustic guitars and pianos. Am I able to import Halion 1,2 and 3 stuff easily?

Finally I used Hypersonic 2 on a friends machine a long time ago and thought it was fantastic. I know Halion Sonic replaced this and that all of the Sonic sounds are available in Halion 4, however I dont rate these as highly as the original Hypersonic 2 stuff. Is there a way of getting Hypersonic 2 sounds into Halion 4?

Thanks in advance.


Any chance we will see some new libraries for Halion 4 during the upcoming Musicmesse Show (April 10 - 13 / 2013) ?

imho. it’s about time Steinberg moved forward with enhancing the Halion 4 Sound-library options.