New Soundtoys plugin free

here :

Anybody use it yet?

link is down :frowning:

I thought it was just me, thx.

just soundtoys server busy

Go direct to . Site is reeeeeely slow. Looks and sounds neat. I will have it tonight.

Hmm, I think that’s what I say every weekend … :smiley:

Note: You need an iLOK to download it.


Sweet! i love soundtoys stuff… will go and have a nose now :smiley:

Server still down … “High volume …”


I watched the demos, didn’t impress me at all.

The formant thing is maybe the only thing of interest to me I saw from the demo (I do my own robot voices :laughing: ), for those that don’t have access to Melodyne or other things that have it (since VariAudio doesn’t).

If anyone wants the free plug in here is the redemption code link: