New SpectraLayers 9.0.10 maintenance update available

Dear forum members,

I’m happy to announce the availability of first maintenance update for SpectraLayers
Elements 9.0.0 and Pro 9.0.0.

Version 9.0.10 fixes 3 very important issues and is available for download from
the Steinberg Download Assistant and the Steinberg Support pages:

Have fun!


Thanks for this news @TimoWildenhain.

Off topic:-
Colour branding in marketing material is a useful mechanism to help reinforce separate product identity. So why suddenly go for green, on the Facebook page announcement about this update.? Why not consistency with the Mauve/Violet/Purple colour, used elsewhere for branding this product.?

That consistency nicely extended to SB supplying new desktop shortcut icons, with their separate coloured logos, for each app… why break that now.?

Cubase = dark blue
WaveLab = green
Nuendo = black-ish
Dorico = brown
SpectraLayers = mauve/violet
Cubasis = orange
Hardware = lighter blue
Developer/SDK = red

etc,. etc…

Thanks Timo (this sounds weird because my name is also Timo :slight_smile: )

I have a Cubase 12 Pro license, but not a SpectraLayers license. If I install this SpectraLayers 9 build, does that mean SpectraLayers 9 will open as the SpectraLayers One version of SpectraLayers 9 so that I can run the latest SpectraLayers build with the One feature set?

I just tried this- I deactivated my Spectralayers Pro license in the SAM, and ran Cubase Pro. I loaded an audio file and applied the Spectralayers extension, and Spectralayers One opens.

Great, thanks, that’s comforting, so I’ll try this as well!

It worked! I just downloaded the latest SpectraLayers 9 build, and it opened as SpectraLayers One (version 9).

All new Steinberg Products are switch to new activation method. Install Spectralayer 9 and find the App named: Steinberg Activation Manager, you may be asked to login to your MySteinberg Account. Then you can active you software directly to your computer.