New Staff Label Grouping Behaviour in 4.2

I have recently updated to 4.2 from 4.0 and have had a template feature ‘break’ (although I suppose the change is intentional). In 4.0, putting section instruments in their own groups would remove the automatic numbering, but the staff labels, if identical, would collapse into one centered label:

Now, I’m seeing this behaviour instead where the names remain seperate even if identical:

I can get close to the old behaviour by putting the players in the same group and using 'Show Player Name Instead of Instrument Name":


…but this then breaks for abbreviated names:


(I actually have no idea where it’s inheriting these abbreviated names from).

I know it’s not conventional use of the software but any help to get a centered name without numbers and abbreviated names would be appreciated!

You could use a divisi. When creating the divisi, just delete the names of the two groups (1&2) in the divisi change dialogue.

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Yeah I was trying to move away from using Divisi, but this is the solution I was using before.

It does solve the naming problem though thank you! I’m just hoping there’s still a way to do it with multiple instruments.