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Hi all. I’ve decided to completely switch my DAW and move over to Cubase. I have used Sonar for the past 5 years now and obviously the change is quite dramatic. I’m really struggling on the first hurdle really with my set-up and I can’t get the tutorial vids to work! Grrrr.

What I would like to know is:

  1. how do I import external VST instruments and effects into Cubase

  2. How do I set up side-chain compression

  3. How do I change the snap-settings, i.e the strength of it and also the grid spacing.

Many Thanks


Aloha B,

You could try YouTube.
There are a few kool Cubase 6 video tut’s for viewing there.

But the vid stuff that comes with the C6 programme are the really best; for new users.
Hope you get that sorted soon.


First of all welcome aboard, I’ll hope you’ll be able to do with Cubase what you want it to do!

We could sum up all the answers to your question but that would be a bit redundant, because all your questions are covered fairly extensive in the Cubase Operation Manual (Operation_Manual.pdf).
So maybe it’s wise to check that out first. If you have any questions after that I’m sure some users here are happy to help you out.

Check out page 207

Check out page 198

Check from page 45