New Steinberg Licensing and boot drive upgrade

I’m planning on replacing my Windows boot drive (SSD) with a higher-capacity one (by cloning it).

According to the Steinberg web page on this topic, the new licensing system records certain information about the hardware it is running on, so I wonder whether I will run into any issues after that hardware upgrade?

Just to be in the safe side, you could deactivate the license before replacing the drive and re-activate it again afterwards.


Ah, good idea, thank you!

I cloned my drive with Samsung Magician and had zero issues with anything Steinberg , when booted the M2 drive Cubase ,WL,SL, Halion and GA all fired up without having to reactivate.
You can deactivate via the SAM for the old drive anyway .

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That’s comforting, thanks!

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Yep , even the other drives with projects and content worked perfectly :+1:

Same here, just updated my system drive and used Samsung Magician for cloning.
Other VST(i)'s had to be reauthorized …

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Ah, right, hopefully none of my various VSTs will give me any troubles…