New Steinberg Survey!

No “United States” country option?

Ha… nether there is!!!

Maybe it’s because their constitution is *flawed" as lounge posts would indicate.

You’re walking on thin ice, Brains.

Confirmed. So I picked Canada… closest country to me. :slight_smile:

haha I went with Canada too… even though I’m technically closer to Mexico.

Sorry not participating until SB recognizes the U.S. :unamused:

I voted 5 - 10 GB, but the most important is the server be able to stop and resume downloads.

Done! I’m from Mexico now, lol.

You’re a new moderator right?

I don’t even recall you being given the honor of Sticky.

I’m kinda feeling like this is an email collection scam and not a Steinberg survey.

My ISP email can reject senders, most give up after a time and any that don’t remain permanently on the list since they (my ISP) have network wide spam filters.

How? :confused:
The survey doesn’t require an e-mail address. :confused:

Hello guys,

Thank you for pointing that out. I just corrected it and added USA to the list. Please try again! :slight_smile:
I actually copied the country list from a CIA website about countries in the world. It makes sense that they didn’t list themselves (USA) on it. :smiley:

By the way, it is an official survey! We just use the tool QuestionPro to do it. :slight_smile:

Crack up!

Though this sounds a little on the Stasi side of life for my liking.

I think downloadable products would be a great move. Saves on me waiting till it becomes available here in person, sometimes many weeks behind the US as well as the markup from the dealer to bring it in for you. It saves me a drive to my shop and another box on my shelf. For larger programs, such as Halion etc which would come with large sample libraries, I would like them to support torrents for easy connectivity and resuming. A torrent would allow users who are currently downloading to upload to other users while they download which would minimize the load on the Steinberg download servers as well.

all 4 it , gr8 move , suggest , zip it up n break it up , in smaller sizes 4 countries that have a slower download speeds … or some kinda , get it, utility software , in case of link broken … n send the serial key to PM … will save time , money , fuel, useless muck up margins 2 distributors who give no support , n dont know what midi stands 4 , n sales will go up… more the merrier … 4 steinberg … everyones happy … sam

Closed by owner for me :frowning:

This is from half a year ago :stuck_out_tongue: