New Steinberg synth: Padshop!

Looks interesting, I’ll be trying that out asap!

Some of the audio samples sound really interesting, I hope this is <€50 :smiley:

  • Advanced granular synthesis engine with 2 independent layers and individual oscillator, edit and FX sections
  • Up to 8 grain streams per oscillator for impressively rich and spacious structures

  • Intuitive user interface for effective usability and direct accessibility
  • More than 400 presets dedicated to atmospheric pads and evolving textures
  • SoftGrain Wave ROM with hundreds of sounds for custom presets

looks interesting…

Just saw this an hour ago as well. Looks pretty sweet; but they’re masters at that. :sunglasses:

50? I hope you’re right. You see them marking the VST sound loop sets down 40%, which is cool, but they really need to be marking down the instrument sets like Triebwerk, which is $50. You gotta admit though, it looks pretty cool. I’m amazed that I have not seen ANYONE mention Triebwerk ANYWHERE to date. :confused: But, Haha, I mentioned it. :stuck_out_tongue: Back on topic, just hope that this isn’t going to replace Halion, or we’re in bad shape. (I highly doubt that though.)

Nah, they must’ve had this in development together with Halion, so I doubt they’d drop that now in favour of this.

Interesting New VST from Steinberg !

Listening to some of the audio demos, It still sounds like this could be an additive or subtractive type synth. , I wonder if Granular Synthesis offers a unique identifiable sonic character that Padshop can produce, i.e. some very off-the-wall, unique sounds that are not something you would hear from an additive/subtractive type synth, especially for atmospheric/pad/special effects type sounds ?

Looking forward to trying Padshop as soon as it’s made available. Pricing is very attractive as well.

I also wonder if user sample import is something planned for via an update, since it is locked into the ROM sounds it ships with.

More videos, teaching and informational, with Matthias Klag, please.
(He has a great explanatory voice, with fantastic pace and pitch.)

Good for us learning and understanding this VST3 plugin.

MORE, Please!

It will not be less than 50 euros though, IMHO…! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was around the 150 -199 mark… lets see… But agreed, some interesting sound demos - I will be checking on this… :slight_smile:

(PS:- @Elektrobolt, here is one more to add to your VST3 sig - I noticed them on kvr,

Must admit to starting to like very much the VST3 thing and note expression :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let us know what the pricing is - how do you know?

Not sure if there is any comparison whatsoever, between a Granular synth and a massive Sampler like HALion 4. What I would expect to see is a tidying up of some of the old Cubase instruments, and have maybe a Padshop-SE version in Cubase 7.

Halion is here to stay for a long time to come I would say.



If the price is really going to be in the 50 euros range, then I don’t see there being a SE version; how would they strip it down? Whatever they do, I hope they don’t throw compatibility of content sets with Halion Sonic. And I will really be ticked if this Padshop replaces the Prologue. Another Steinberg VSTi, gone:–like Halion One before it. Now as I have Cubase Essential 5, I can’t get the new cool VST instrument sets like Hypnotic Dance and Triebwerk, unless I upgrade to a Cubase with Sonic SE. :imp: But HalionOne was pretty useless (except for not being a CPU hog) with only quickcontrols to manipulate the sounds. Prologue, another story. My guess is that there will be VSTi sets for Padshop available shortly after its release; and the Synthesisers set for HalionOne needs to go bye-bye.

£42 it seems,

Thanks, Puma. It has been corrected.

Had to change the layout though, because of the 1,000 character limit. A good sign in that more and more companies are supporting VST3.

WOW - thanks for that info. Seems pretty reasonable indeed.
I upgraded to HALion 4 last year and Cakewalk’s Zeta+ 2 as I had version 1 from around 2003. So now Padshop should give my sonic arsenal another new lease of life. Fabulous. :smiley:


Yeah, it IS brilliant! Way to go, Steinberg. Pushing through the tides of stagnation!!!

I cannot wait to play with Padshop! Though I’ve used the granular synthesis as available on the Virus TI, I see this as a new generation, a new breed if you will, of more easily applicable granular synthesizers. Add in Note Expressions for extra creative freedom and it’ll be a pirates life… Savvy? :slight_smile:

So many time I use NE I catch myself subconsciencelessly snickering (yeah I know, it’s a waste of thought power, but it is also somewhat satisfactory) at the stubborn opposition. :wink:

This is why I keep my little (but it’s growing) list of VST3 supporters. Because IMO everyone of them ROCKS!

This is very interesting.

I have a soft spot for weird things like granular synthesis, kudos to Steinberg for this one. The price makes it an instant buy for me.
If it was another subtractive synth I wouldn’t bother. We have too many already.

:bulb: I wonder if there will be some kind of trial? Maybe not, at that price. Looking at this topic, looks like Steinberg did something right. :wink:

OH yeah, seems like my wild uneducated guess at the price wasn’t so bad :smiley:
I love how they found a hole in the market here, the few Granular synths I’ve used in the past were very basic.

Way to go Steiny :slight_smile:

Thanks for spotting and posting. Wow - was I way out with my prediction…! (glad I was… :slight_smile: )

Very reasonable indeed SB… :wink:

We 've been burned with various Steinberg’s vst instruments ,can we trust them ?
Most of them get abandoned …