New Steinberg Website -- Third-Party Controllers

Just cruised the new Steinberg website and noticed that the content for third-party control surfaces is gone (except for Nuage and the Yamaha ‘live’ mixers).

I wonder if this is a statement about future support for Eucon-based controllers?

Euphonix were bought out by Avid, and the latest offering is the S6

… And S3 is getting the treatment in Q3 via Eucon 3.2…

But my question is whether Steinberg will continue supporting Eucon period. Now that CMC is dead will Steinberg break out a baby version of Nuage and EOL support for Eucon or nix its (Cubase) hardware controller business entirely and/or go strictly to MIDI for controller control? Other?

Personally I think they will continue to support Eucon if for no other reason S6 is the new controller de jure and if Steinberg wants to continue its presence in the ‘high end’ rooms it should be able to boast Eucon compliance. Besides, all the hard work has been done and Eucon is now a maintenance item rather than a science project.

That all being said, who knows how they strategize… For all we know Yamaha might buy Avid…


Imagine that move.

Would be very interesting to see what future would evolve out of that.

haha! yeah, very interesting! :open_mouth: :laughing:

btw, is there some good place(s) to view the relative “sizes” of companies when stuff like this comes up? I feel a little lazy for not wanting to start googling but I’m not THAT interested in big business hehe. :blush: If somebody knows I don’t have to start from scratch and spend …n hours eventually maybe finding half of what I need to know.

That would be the stock market.

ha! I put them up on screen side by side. without knowing much, to me one looked kind of puny? :mrgreen:


Trial version: “FreeBase!”

In your dreams! It would be too easy to Crack … :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^ :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: