New Steinberg/Yamaha n12 drivers for C7

Aloha guys,

As of Feb 19 2013 there is new n12/n8 software/tools etc.

Find it here:


This is good news, and shows Steinberg/Yamaha’s support of their products. I no longer have an n12 (but I loved it when I did have it), but I’m really happy to see this fantastic product continue to have life. If I’m not mistaken, Yamaha started shipping these around NAMM 2007. So we’re around 6 years of driver support so far… that’s a positive sign for other Steinberg/Yamaha products.

Thank you! :smiley:

Well! Thank you very much for the info :smiley:

Aloha guys

Also keep in mind that with the previous update Yamy stated
that they will/may not be updating the n12 going forward.

we are lucky to get this one but it may be one
of the last n12 updates.

Let’s hope not.