New Studio Computer Build

Hi everyone.

Hav’nt been around these parts much lately.
Im building a new rig. I-7, 32 gb, win 7 pro 64bit.
Current rig still works

Are there any recommendations for this migration, should I back up any pref files, etc?
Im moving over from vista 64 which btw has been rock solid, to win 7

Any info is helpful


Very wide question. What exactly are you concerned about?

If it’s just reinstalling software - dependent on what you have - it could take a while. Or not. For my builds whether it’s a workstation or a DAW - I have a 6 or 7 page Word doc for each machine mapping out the entire machine from hardware installed to tips, tweaks, diver install order start to finish.

From experience (and getting caught more than once) I like to be really prepared before rebuilding or reinstalling anything.