New studio, new start!

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody could offer some basic advice, I am a little out of the game when it comes to new hardware.

I am going in for a new DAW. My current setup is Cubase Essential 5 on a PC built in 2010 (from an old UK company based in Nottingham, UK who I think last traded under the name as music-pc or something) and as my projects and VST requirements have grown my DAW is getting very laggy and crashing often.

I am planning on getting a custom job from pc-specialist and was wondering what specs I should go for to run Cubase pro 10. I have next-to-no need to record any live sources at any time, maybe very occasionally a single mic/line input, but do tend to hammer the plugins and virtual synths a bit. Every project is liable to contain up to 10 virtual synths such as Serum and Kontakt and every channel usually has anywhere between 2 and 8 plugins on insert.

Are there any must have/do’s spec wise for this? I was thinking Intel i3 quad-core 4ghz processor with 16GIG RAM for a kick off… any advice is much appreciated!

Thanks :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

You can find the system requirements chart here (scroll down).