New Subtitle

How do I tell Dorico it’s time for a new subtitle?


Use Ctrl-I (Cmd-I on Mac) to open the project info dialogue and enter the title and subtitle there, for either the project or the flow.

Dear Dave111,
Are you sure you’re talking about a subtitle?
Maybe I am over caring here, but by default (if you’re not familiar with masterpages) the project title and the flow title are the fields that show on your page.

Thanks for the response.

Hrm. I used the subtitle token but maybe I should use something else. I was thinking more like a chapter title. I’m making worksheets, so I want the main title on top of each section, and then underneath a new sort of secondary section title that’s unique for each section. I have multiple flows on each page.

Perhaps flow headings are what you’re looking for - you can hide/show them above where a new flow starts in each layout.

Thanks. I’m using the flow headings above each flow. I’m wanting to have a token for each section (each section has multiple flows in it). Maybe there isn’t a token for this. I guess I can just type each section heading in manually. It seems like the subtitle token is meant to apply to the whole project.

There are tokens for the whole project: {@project…@}
The information for these tokens can be found on the first page of the project info dialog.

Tokens for flows look like this: {@flow…@}
The information displayed for these tokens can be found in the corresponding flow infos in the project info dialog.