New Surface Pro X for Dorico 3


I’ll buy a portable machine to work with Dorico on the road and I am considering the Surface Pro X with this configuration:
Memory16GB LPDDR4x RAM at 3733Mbps
Processor6 Microsoft® SQ1™
I am unaware about the equivalent with core i7 and that’s why I am asking for an opinion.
My last session had 21 flows of full orchestra and my Mackbook pro 2014 dual core i7 with 16GB in RAM was running really slow. I need to be sure before buying the machine. If Surface Pro X doesn’t do the Jon I’ll go the the basic new MacBook Pro 16 inches.

Thank you in advance for any information that help me decide.


I’ve got no experience with the most recent Surface hardware, but our experience of past iterations is that the Surface runs Dorico pretty well, but it’s imperative that you keep the power cable plugged in when you’re using a resource-hungry application like Dorico, since when the power is disconnected, the Surface runs in a low-power mode that throttles back the CPUs considerably (and there doesn’t seem to be an option to prevent this), and you’ll find Dorico then runs a lot slower than it will when the power is connected. My advice would be to at least research power management on the Surface Pro X and whether it now provides options in this area before you make your decision.

Does Dorico even run on an ARM cpu?

NB: The Surface Pro X is not an x86/64 machine.

Ah, right – I didn’t know the Surface Pro X was an ARM-based machine. Dorico will not run on ARM processors: it requires a 64-bit x86 processor.

Oh, this is pretty clear. Thank you very much!