New Synth Modules

Hi All, I recently downloaded Cubasis 1.8 and the usability and quality of the app astonished me. I have full Cubase 7.5 and lots of other steinberg goodies so I know the quality of Steinberg products, but Cubasis running on an Ipad really did blow me away with how simple it is to get your ideas down quickly. The trouble I am having is I think its that good and polished that I am missing all the goodies that the full blown Cubase brings. Thinks like chord track, variaudio, audio transpose and many of the effects and VST intruments. I find that you can get such good results that I am trying to do too much in Cubasis instead of exporting it for Cubase and then moving forward.
This is not a complaint but a pat on the back for Steinberg as I am not sure they can be making much if any money on this?
I am a very new user but here are a few items I would have on my wish list, these may already been suggested?
Chord track
Extended Midi control, as in cc learn commands from external keyboards assigned to functions in cubasis and its synths.
Step editor
Drum editor to enable individual volumes of the various drum sounds.
More effects for vocals including vocoder.
Instrument packs or apps .
Ability to convert purchased sounds for Cubase for use in Cubasis.
Bluetooth keyboard implementation for shortcuts.
Ability to add lyrics, possibly have them scroll in time with a melody track.

Hi Maas,

thank you for your feedback! Many things are already on our user feature request list. I added the missing suggestions to the list. :slight_smile:

Only one suggestion: PadShop Pro :slight_smile: