New synthesizers/Android

why add new synths to the store? Cubasis has an excellent sampler where you create your own instrument and can work without restrictions, so new synthesizers are not needed at all, it is better to release a million updates with bug fixes (only there is one caveat)By the way, I will not miss the opportunity to ask what is there on the slide-notes? in 2080 year they will add it or not?
Well, so that we know for sure, we are interested

Hi @Michael_Martys,

Thanks for your message!

We will do our best to make Cubasis better with every new update, and hope to be able to add new stuff as well… :slight_smile:


Hi Michael,
I absolutely agree with you, I have taken hundreds of audio samples from SampleTank, iM1, iWavestation and Nave, these IAA synths would have to be pre-launched before using them in Cubasis3 iOS and only one instance of each app can be used in a project, but now my all favourite sounds are in MiniSampler and I can have as many instances as I need :+1: