New system needs new upgrade?


I have been a Cubase user for years, and I have generally upgraded system and software as I go, but having had a powerful PC for quite some time, said PC is now no longer coping with the technological advance!
I have now got a new machine ready to take on my projects, 16Gb ram, speed of 4.2, and is Quad core, so it should be back on the road to coping again!
My question is this - as I have had upgrade after upgrade etc, do I have to contact Steinberg and arrange for a complete program upload? My last upgrade was C8 Pro, and that zipped “upgrade” folder is around 4Gb, so am I correct in thinking that I can approach a new machine/system with that C8 upgrade folder and my E-licence dongle and load the whole program from start to finish? I should not need to go to my last physical purchase and then “top-up” by going through the various stages of upgrades right? not daft, just not sure!

I have paid-up all the way along with extra software etc, so I know that getting C8 switched over to my new system wont be a problem for Steinberg and myself - I just want to know if this is a relatively straightforward process that I can undertake myself with my current “Cubase8 pro upgrade” downloaded zip folder…

Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions -

It’s ok. Just install it on your new system and plug your e-licenser.
Eventually e-licenser can inform you about broken license or something like this (I don’t remember). Then you’ll have to click once or twice to fix it and after few seconds everything gonna be ok

That’s why I love usb e-licenser :slight_smile:

Thanks Battleangel,
I just found that in my steinberg account > my products > downloads, there is the full program to download. that folder is 9gb compressed, so I am downloading it now. :smiley:

I just found that in my steinberg account > my products > downloads, there is the full program to download.

That’s the one to use for a clean install.
Your 4Gb installer would have been missing content that would have been re-used from earlier versions.

And still there could be content from earlier Cubase versions that is not included in the full C8 download. Stuff like included VST sounds or instruments that were later changed to newer types. But I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself if you need that… Just always keep copies of any bought physical or downloaded software.