New/ template projects and disk allocation


Today I started a 3 week recording job, recording the same band twice a day.

I am recording using the Dante virtual soundcard with a mixture of Yamaha Rio racks and Focusrite Dante units.

I am struggling to work out how to copy track names etc and volumes into a new session for the following nights recording. When I create a new session it just goes back to default track names and if I try and do a new ‘save as’ duplicate it won’t let me change the disk allocation for the audio.

There is nothing in the manual about how to change disk allocation or how to make a template project.

Obviously renaming 64 channels and setting levels every time I set a project up isn’t an option.

Well, open a new project, make all your needed settings and save it as template. Like this, you can always choose YOUR settings to start with on a new project.