new text box between flow title and music frame

I need to add a text line left justified under the flow title but above the music (lyricist). I can’t seem to separate the text title and the music frames. I have tried unlocking the constraints. I can drag the music frame higher without the title frame but not lower. What am I doing wrong?

The flow title is being generated by the flow header. You can turn these off (Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows) or edit them in Engrave mode (Flow Headings).

Flow Headings are a new feature in 2.2. The Flow Heading is a “master-page-style” edit - you double click to edit it, and it applies to anywhere the flow heading is displayed.

…and you can create a new flow heading to use in addition to altering the Default one, from the Flow Headings section of the right panel in Engrave mode.