New Time Signature within a bar

Im Erik, and I´m a newbie with Dorico, using it for 10 Days now. I enjoy writing and working with Dorico, but there are few things, I cant solve by my own.

Now I’m writing a piece of music, where within a bar the Time Signature has to change.
Before the last eighth the Time Signature has to change from 2/4 to 6/8.
Also I need a double Barline at this Position.

Perhaps somebody has an idea, how to do it?


You can put whatever time signature you want wherever you need, which is where you put the caret before invoking shift-m popover.

Thanks for your answer.
Ive tried this, but then I don’t have an upbeat to the 6/8 and the last eighth is not available, because the bar, where i change the Time Signature is shortened. Also the Numbers of the Bars are incorrect then.

Put the caret where you want the 6/8 time signature, then type Shift-M 6/8,1 Enter
The ‘,1’ tells Dorico that you want a pickup of one beat.

Oh yes, that’s it, pianoleo!

That’s really easy.
As former Sibelius und Finale User i have to learn, that Dorico will work in this easy way…