New to 10.5 -missing Groove Agent sounds


I’ve been using a very old version of Cubase and just finally upgraded to 10.5. It’s a little overwhelming, as the difference is massive.

  1. I am not getting any drum sounds when trying to use Groove Agent. I have registered etc - but it appears most of the sounds are missing?

  2. I downloaded ‘Colliding Worlds’ from the download assistant but am told there is a missing license. No idea what I’m supposed to do here, as I’ve already registered?

Please help!
Many thanks

Hi mate, I had same problem when I first got Cubase 10.5 pro a few days ago. When you download Cubase 10.5, everything you get free comes with it, you don’t download anything else from Download Assistant, just download 10.5 and that should be it. Anything else in there is stuff you have to purchase, like expansion packs. So if you wanted the Collision one you will have to go to Steinberg shop and purchase this then donwload it through Download Assistant.

It’s not the best set up and very confusing, especially when there support is dreadful.

They should be am éxtra’section so you know straight away what is available to purchase extra, or at least not allowed to download until you have purchased, or purchase necessary etc.

Hope this help

I’m thinking of getting the Songwriting one.