New to all of this but have to start somewhere...

I have Cubase SX and I bought Groove Agent 3 a while back but never got round to using it. Come to think about it I never got past installing Cubase on my Laptop.
But I am persistent.
Anyway I installed (partly) GA3 I say partly cause when I enter Activation Code to get connected so that I get it fully installed, it comes back saying cannot connect to Steinberg. So I checked out the other option and that doesn’t seem to work or I am somehow missing something.

If I cannot get this its bin time.

I wrote to Steinberg but no reply.

Spent a fortune on this stuff and to my shame I cannot get it to work,

I would appreciate some help Please


I would suggest updating to the latest eLicense Control Center from

Then try the activation again. If it still fails, please contact support through your MySteinberg account. Be sure to include your USB key number, and your activation code for GA3.

Thanks Chris I will give it a try…

Chris, success.

Many thanks.

Now all I have to do is work out how to set up my Cubase SX…Help any takers. Come on folks, I’m 58 years young, their must be some experienced people on here.

What version of SX are you using? Have you gone through the Getting Started manual from the Help menu? What aspect of setup are you having a problem with?