New to audio editing, need some help on WaveLab Cast

i watched couple of WaveLab Cast videos and worked on my audio editing using WaveLab Cast. Now, i am running into some obstacles, the “TrackInspector” is grey, i can not seem to active it and according to the video, below the “File” icon, there is supposed to have a “+” sign, so i can separate the tracks , but mine doesn’t have it. Please help. Thanks ALL in advance!

Never mind, right after i posted this and i went back to the editing screen and somehow i was guided to right click on “Zoom0016_Tr1_remix” and then i clicked “Create Audio Montage”. There it is. Just killed two birds in one stone! So funny ~ Thank you, my Spirit guides!!

Mark this problem as “solved” so people don’t keep checking your thread.

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Thank you for your input!!