New To Cubase 13 (Issues)

Hi. Thanks for everyones patience and help. Im new to trying to understand buffer size issues, latency etc. Just got Cubase 13 on Mac Ventura on an i5 Quad CoreProcessor (16GB Ram and 1TB External SSD I’m running the whole Mac System on) . On Cubase 12, no issues. No lag. Cursor jumps, etc.

But on Cubase 13, with just 4 tracks and a few stock plugins, I start hitting cursor jumps, lags, freeze issues etc. Im looking at the Studio Setup area and this is the performance workload my computer is doing at the moment if I’m reading this correctly. I shouldn’t be having these issues with this low of a workload correct? Thanks to anyone who may be having similar issues and can help or knows what I should adjust . (Even playing with buffer sizes makes no difference . )