New to cubase 7

I have just upgraded to Cubase 7 from 5. I have some good tunes that i created in cubase 5 I would like to import to cubase 7 and continue working on. Is this is possible? If so can someone please tell how I go about doing this?



My earliest version was 6 rather than 5, and 7 simply opened the projects with no further fuss.

Is that not what you’re experiencing when you try to open one?

Yeah, as Chris is saying you just double click the project icon and it will open. You may get into some compatibility problem on plugins used as not all plugs that ran in 5 will run in 7, especially if you changed from 32 to 64 bit. You will however get a msg telling you the problem areas. I normally take a screenshot of that msg and tell Cubase to disregard the problems. It will then open but there will be no sound or no effect from the vst plugs or instruments in the problem list. You can then use the screenshot to go through and replace with newer plugs. (or upgrade the plugs if upgrade is available).

BTW Pls update your profile with your equipment as it will help people trying to help you.