New to Cubase 8....Help

I have a mac desktop and I have a Tascam US600 interface with mic attached.
Want to be able to use the input for the mic through the Tascam US600 but I want to use the inbuilt audio for the output and also to hear the mic input as well. I am finding this impossible to achieve any help would be great

We may need a bit more information to determine the source of your problem but if all is connected and set-up correctly then you need the Mon Mix dial pointing straight up so it gives a mix of input and computer. I can’t remember off-hand if this mix control is only for the headphone mix or all outputs…

If this isn’t the problem then we will need more information. Can you see audio playing via the Cubase mixer? Is it routed to the Tascam’s outputs?

Not on mac,

But i know at you can aggregate audio devices on osx (wish windows had this)
Instructions? :


You will focus on three places.

  1. Audio/MIDI Setup (application on your Mac)

  2. VST Audio System (panel in Cubase, sub-menu in Devices\Setup)

  3. VST Connections (panel in Cubase)

Launch Audio/MIDI Setup and add a new aggregate device. If you are not sure how to do this, see the post above.

Then go to VST Audio System and select your aggregate device. Note, when you launch Cubase after adding any new device, it may ask you if you want to use it. If you do click yes, you can skip the VST Audio System Panel.

Last, go to VST Connections and click on Output tab. It may not by default be using your built-in sound card. If not, click on the “Device Port” column for the “Stereo Out” and choose the Built-In. Then, click on Input tab and do the same, except choose the Tascam inputs.

Now any track in your arrange page or mixer should allow you to select your Tascam. And now the mix should be making sound through your Mac desktop.

Hi Jerry. I think you need to look at the audio midi set up on your Mac. The Mac core audio allows you to set aggregate devices so you can combine different audio io devices on your system. I’m a relatively new Mac user but have been able to link 3 individual audio interfaces plus the macs own default audio io into one aggregate device then use this within cubase 8 as the audio interface. The tricky bit for me was learning about the capabilities of the macs core audio system and its aggregate devices. Hope this gives you some pointers.

Thanks for all your help but unfortunately I cannot get Cubase to see the Tascam 600 after I have set up the aggregate system. Its just not available to be on earthj do other users set up a mic and various other instruments so that all can be seen and heard? I feel somewhat defeated as with Ableton there is no problem whatsoever its easy to set up but I need to be able to do the same thing in Cubase