New to cubase and I can't get anything to work...


I am brand new to Cubase, I just downloaded it, it came with the Yamaha thr10x.

I have been working on ProTools for about 10 years so I thought Cubase would be more or less the same… but no.

First off, I don’t understand what the heck they were thinking of when creating that software… nothing seems intuitive to me. Maybe because I am so used to PT.

Anyway, first thing I wanted to try was to record via usb. It took me an eternity to make it work. Second, after I did a test recording, I couldn’t figure out how to hear it… how to hear anything for that matter. I then rage-quit and closed everything… There is absolutely no sound coming out of the DAW. My Outputs are set to Thr10x L and R, it doesn’t work and I have no other option. How do I make it work with the thr? How do I make it work with my built-in speakers?

Please I need someone who can explain how the basics work on that DAW… Tell me what info you need, I’ll send you all the screenshots you want. I just want it to work.

Thank you very VERY much!

MacBook Air osx 10.12
Cubase AI 10
Yamaha THR10X


I can get some sound out form my built-in speakers once I unplug the usb interface. If the interface is plugged, there is no sound at all even though the meters show me there should be.

Fixed it after a couple hours watching debug videos on youtube.