New to Cubase Element 9 | need help on plugins

Hello Everyone,

I am just a fresher in music production to be honest and need some help from all of you for which i thank you all in advance.

I have installed Cubase Ele 9 on my windows platform.

Please help me with setting up Plugins ?

I need indian instruments and don’t know from where to download it for free , just to learn and test in beginning.

Hep will be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome to the forums. FYI this sub-forum is for problems like broken stuff, not problems like how do I do something. This really belongs in the General forum, plus more folks read that one so you have a better chance of getting a good response. Maybe a mod will see & move this. has an extensive listing of plug-ins - free, dirt cheap & expensive. I’d look there to start.

@ Raino

Thanks a ton for your information and i will try to post the correct thread in right post :wink: . i actually went through alot of tutorial s on youtube however no suffiencent information found , just need a bit idea to start up. But anyways i will go the website you shared the link.