New to Cubase LE 6

Hello and Help!! I have just retired from 42 years of teaching music and now I am ready to create my own music. I purchased a Zoom recorder that came with this free version of Cubase. I also bought my 25 year-old son the Elements version. I have spent untold hours trying to figure out how to use this LE Cubase program. I even traveled 100 miles to meet a guy I who uses Cubase and paid him a lot of money for two hours of lessons ( which I promptly forgot on the way home, even after taking notes). None of the music departments of the nearby Universities and Colleges use Cubase. They all use Pro Tools. I think I know why???
I now have one track with a four measure bass line. I tried to go to Drum Editor and drum map and have input a kick, snare, and hi-hat. I can not get it to play. I do not find Cubase user friendly whatsoever.
I am using a brand new Roland RD2000 which I have finally figured out how to use and I love it. It seems useless with this cubase program. If anyone can help me with step-by-step instructions, I would deeply appreciate it.
I have listened to all the tutorials I can stomach. I can’t even have the Cubase on my computer screen and listen to a youtube tutorial. Can’t figure out how to change the sound connection easily without closing out Cubase. I use the smartphone. I know I sound like a whiner but if you were in my place, you probably would have destroyed this computer by now. I feel like it. Thanks for any help.


Do you use MIDI or Instrument track for your drums? Where is the MIDI signal routed to? What HW/SW device should generate the sound (VST Instrument or hardware synth)?