New to Cubase, Need help!


I am entirely new to the whole music workstation scene. I just purchased a few things and I’m having a hard time in just getting setup. So far I have my computer, audio technica ath-h50x headphones, cubase pro 8, and the novation launchkey 49 midi keyboard.

I’m not getting sound from my headphones and I’m not sure if the midi keyboard is properly working/setup. I’m just completely lost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if im overlooking something or if i forgot to purchase something integral to my setup. Thanks


Be calm and patient. Read the manual, watch free tutorials on the net (youtube) Search for “set up cubase” (or similar). Buy tutorials from MAcProVideo and Groove 3.

Hello Kwalk491,

please start Cubase, and check under devices --> device setup which audio driver you have selected. After that you need to check your “VST-connections” regarding the In/Outputs.

Do you use your onboard soundcard ? When YES, then perhaps you should install the ASIO 4 all drivers (and select it in Cubase) so the latency it not that high.



The first thing you should do is add a list of your equipment to your profile. Select “User Control Panel” above. Then go to Profile/Edit Signature and enter a list of your gear. If we know what you’re using, your chances of getting the correct help will increase significantly.