New to Cubase. Need help

I’am just wondering if all the features in Cubase 10.5 Artist are the same as the other versions…


If I press F7 button, not the same features appear in the window or diffrent way to attach
LFO in MIDI Controls.

Sorry if this is obvious

I’m guessing at what you mean here.

I don’t think any version of Cubase has an easy/obvious way to attach LFO to any control in the DAW.

What I you think can do in Artist (I know you can in Pro) is use the MIDI Auto LFO track modifier/insert to generate a pattern of CCs on a MIDI track. To do this, you’d set it up on a MIDI track (also with empty parts in the time frames you want the LFO applied) and then ‘freeze’ the track. Now it has actual MIDI events in the track according to the LFO settings in the plugin.

Use the MIDI menu to convert those into VST style Project Lanes instead of floating in the MIDI part. Then copy and paste the contents of that lane to one that drives the control(s) in question.

It’s also possible to use a virtual MIDI port (I personally use loopMIDI on Windows) combined with a generic remote map to route a track with a MIDI Auto LFO track modifier or insert running back into the generic controller and pump almost anything in the DAW. In this case you could host the plugin in an empty MIDI track with monitor active connected to your virtual port, which connects to a generic remote map, where you’d have a given CC bound to pump a control.

You’d then be able to have real time changes to the Auto LFO plugin and hear the changes while the project is playing. The catch with this method is that problems could arise when instant rendering, or exporting in a manner other than ‘real time’. Thus, if you ultimately want to do much instant/quick rendering to a project using this tactic you’d get it sounding good, then freeze it, and copy/paste to an actual Project controller lane as described above.

I use the second option pretty often, not just for LFO, but to automate a number of things in Cubase that don’t have native project automation lanes (moving locators around, punching track monitors/recorders on/off, managing the transport, running macros, etc). I can more or less keep a MIDI based image of all the automatons I do to the DAW via my controller, or through edited MIDI tracks.

optional MIDI controller(s) > MIDI Track > virtual port > generic remote

Another cool thing about keeping automation on MIDI tracks is that you can easily batch tweak it all with Logic Editors. Introspective Recording is nice. Plus, with MIDI tracks you can loop/cycle and automatically keep multiple recordings of each pass (new track on each cycle), and later go back and mix/match the best live takes. All features the native automation lanes don’t have yet :slight_smile: One can edit the stuff like crazy in MIDI form. The drawback to this is that the resolution isn’t nearly as good as actual VST automation lanes for some things, and on some systems there might be some latency that could hinder adjustments that need to be ‘ultra precise’ (the good news, is you can always convert/copy/paste/nudge).

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I tried to look in Wayback Machine to see if there was a capture of the version comparison page from last year when 10.5 was the latest release but that page has never been archived before. You will thus have to make do comparing versions of 11 from here:

Things have changed a little bit in 11. You can see what is new in 11 and assume that it wasn’t availabe in 10.5:

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