New to Cubase - need some help

I’m digging around in the FAQ’s, but not finding answer yet. I just got everything loaded, activated and registered – whew, that took awhile. I’ve gone through first three tutorials. I’ve got my Rode NT-1 Mic going “in” through a PreSonus Tube Pre V2 tube preamp that goes “in” to a Scarlett 2i2 interface. It was working in my Ableton Live setup fine, but it’s not working in my Cubase setup. I created a mono track (Mono 1) in Cubase for the vocal mic and I have the Vocal Track set to Mono 1 and I’ve got the speaker activated (orange) and the record button active (red) on the vocal track. When I hit the main record button, the head starts moving, but when I speak or sing I don’t hear it or see it recording a wav file, however, my levels are active on that channel – and the personus meter is moving when I speak as well. I’m sure it’s something simple, but I’m not figuring it out as of yet. So close, yet so far. :slight_smile: Appreciate any help if someone is available and might know what I need to do? Thanks in advance. Marc

Hello Marc,

Check two things:

  1. Devices menu > Device Setup > VST AUdio System. Make sure your audio interface’s ASIO driver is selected.

  2. Devices menu > VST Connections. Make sure the correct Audio Device and Device Port are selected under both Inputs and Outputs tabs.

This will be a good start to troubleshoot your problem.

Good luck.

Wow. Thanks for the help. That worked. I saw the wav file happening as I talked. Then I finally figured out to turn the orange and red buttons off on the track and I was finally able to hear what I said. It works! Thanks!

Glad to hear.

Normally when a problem is solved, the original poster adds “[SOLVED]” to the beginning or end of the thread title. Since you’re new here, I thought I should mention that.