New to Cubase Pro

After making the switch from Sonar a week or so ago and some intense study and struggle with the learning curve I’ve gotta say that I’m really loving Cubase. Everything makes sense to me, the tools seem limitless, and it is so flexible I was able to set everything up like I wanted to. I’ve rendered out a few projects (one audio-only and music for a movie short (did not render any video)) and things are just straightforward and easy.

Thanks for a great product.

Welcome to Cubase country :wink:

I came over from Sonar as well. It took me time to learn Cubase – still learning. I love the program and what it lets us do. I found youtube videos to be helpful. Some are better than others, but you’ll find a many very good ones. Welcome to the forums.

Thanks, Stephen57. I’m still learning as well (I hope it never stops).

Hi everyone!

Tried to work with Cubase - failed miserably. Haven’t had any previous experience with any sound editing software.
Do you, by any chance, know a comprehensive tutorial on Cubase, something super-basic? I mean “Open the “New Project” folder” kind of basic.

Welcome to the Cubase family :smiley:
New user of a month or so now.I come from FL Studio (more recently) Ableton Live.

Lots of help out there, for a start there is the Cubase online manual,which is great.
There is the Cubase Youtube channel, and more (paid for) intensive courses from Groove 3 and MacPro video,as an example

And of course this friendly forum too,he,he :smiley:

The online manual actually does just that in a no nonsense way, try it out:)

You never stop learning,I’m 52,and just started with Cubase,really enjoying the ride,learning lots along the way.Your never too old to learn,don’t let anyone say anything different :smiley:

Well - There is, of course, the “getting started” video’s, that will help you get things rolling:

And there are also non-free courses. Although this one is about Cubase 9, these basics are still valid in Cubase 9.5 as well…

And there are lots of tutorials on YouTube by other parties as well. As an example - Here is a very basic song building tutorial:

Hope this helps.