New to Cubase


I notice that when I open cubase as a blank project and set the asio and routing to my keyboard everything is ok.
If I shut down and open again my focusrite settings have changed like going back to a default somehow.
This happens everytime I open cubase to a new blank project.

If I save my settings and make a template all is ok every time.

Should this happen??

I have also noticed that my standaalone synths behave this way as well.
I can open a standalone and the focusrite Ins and outs and keyboard settings change when you re-open .
You have to keep going into settings and putting them right.

With Sonar Platinum I still use and Mixcraft the settings always stay the same which I am used to.

As you know Sonar is time lasted now and Mixcraft does not support SYS EX which is needed for my Genos Keyboard to two way talk successfully.
I have decided on Cubase Elements as his is compatible with the Genos and also to get my head around It before upgrading.

All the best


What kind of settings exactly do you mean?

When you start Cubase, it overtakes a control on the Audio Device in terms of sample rate, for example. For some devices (mainly Steinberg) you cannot use the virtual mixer, because Cubase overtakes the control. This is how it should work in Cubase.