New to Cubase

Hi - I recently bought Cubase 6.5 and I’ve never recorded before so this is totally new to me and I got a lot of questions to ask!

First one - on my first project I’m having difficulties with sound routing. When setting up a guitar track I can hear the guitar through my headphones so I know I’m getting output, I can see the input signal in the overall input but I can’t see it in the track I want to record in, or indeed any other track. Any ideas? Thanks!

Correct input/output set for your track?

Monitor button enabled?

Perhaps another read through the Getting Started manual will clear a few things up.

And your headphones are plugged into what? Are you saying you can see activity on the input bus meter in Cubase?

Are you getting any output at all from Cubase if you, for example, import an audio file?

I’m using a Steinberg UR28M USB audio interface, I’m using Cubase 6.5 on PC rather than Mac. The audio interface is connected directly to the PC and I’ve selected it as the audio interface in VST connections, The headphones are striaght into the audio interface, so really not sure why I’m getting overall input but no input into the selected track, thanks.

I’m trying to figure out if you are monitoring the signal coming into your interface before it gets to Cubase or if you are monitoring the signal after it is received by Cubase.

I’m not familiar with the UR28M, but it appears to have some sort of “Latency-free DSP-powered monitoring”. Are you using this feature? You might want to check out the Direct Monitoring checkbox in Cubase’s device setup.

It sounds like an issue relating to your interface setup within Cubase. Maybe another UR28M user will be able to provide you with some more assistance.

Have you tried posting in the Steinberg Hardware forum? Or maybe search through the topics there to see if you can find something similar to your situation.

That is the most likely scenario, direct monitoring, thus sound through headphones.

You need to go through the driver and bus setup in cubase again, following the manual guide to the letter.