New to Cubase

Hi, I’m new to Cubase and only a novice at music recording.

I currently have Cubase AI 7 and am using a UR22 audio interface that I can plug a guitar / mics into, and was just wanting a couple of tips to get me started:

  • Are there any good books / manuals on how to use Cubase rather than just the general simple user guide?

  • When I plug my guitar into the interface, how do I add distortion / effects on to the guitar? Do I have to add these after I have recorded a track or can I directly play / record in real time with distortion / effect?

  • Does Cubase have good effects for guitar, or do I need to use / download some plugins or VSTs?
    Is it better to have a guitar going through an effect pedal etc. than utilising the Cubase effect?

  • How do I add drum tracks? Is there built in cubase software or do I need to download drum software (Groove agent)?

  • How do I add piano tracks? Do I need a midi keyboard / controller?

thanks very much!

You can start by watching the videos on YouTube. There’s a lot to learn…

There’s a lot you get when you buy the pro version, kind of different ball game.

It’s worth the money.

That being said you can do plenty of learning with the version you have.

Never used it so not sure about what all you can and can’t do.

But as far as reamping goes, you want to record dry and monitor wet.

So you set up an audio track and add an amp sim VSTeffect and you should hear the effect with the track monitor button on. You may have to disable zero latency monitoring in your interface (if it has it) so you only hear the effected sound. Then it records dry and you can change the sound later. If you record through a pedal, you’re stuck with it. OK if you’re sure it’s what you want.