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Getting started with Cubasis 3

00:00 Intro
00:48 Creating a New Project
02:23 Importing Loops from Media Bay
04:43 Adding Midi Instruments
07:44 Quantize (tighten your midi recordings)
09:26 The Mixer and Gain Staging
10:15 Color Coding your channels
11:39 Adding Insert Effects
12:44 Using AU Instruments
14:26 Using the Channel Strip
15:30 Using Micrologue
17:14 Using AU Effects
19:30 Adding Audio Tracks
22:08 FX Pack 1 highlight (Stereo Width)
22:35 Recording Electric Guitar
24:00 FX Pack 2 highlight (Pan & Tremolo)
25:49 Mixing Vocals
28:54 Freeze
29:40 Audio Editor
31:34 Automation (Spin FX)
33:50 Export and Sharing

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Enjoy making music!

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