New to Cubasis


I’m new to Cubasis and have spent the last few hours reading through some of the topics here in the forum. There are quite a few helpful tips here!

I am having issues connecting my condenser mic through an iRig and into my Ipad2, seems I can not record any audio with it. I have gone back to IK for a solution but they can’t seem to help. When the mic is connected, the iRig provides 48v power to the mic, and I open a new audio track. when I start to track, the ipad uses it’s stock mic to track and no signal comes from the condenser. I’ve tried configuring the routing, and even tried using vocalive as a plug in to rectify this but to no avail. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Also I have live recorded demos for my band, and we are about to hit the studio. The producer has asked if I can make some click tracks in order to help the process and save us time and cash. Problem is I can’t seem to set tempo changes to the tracks, I can manually change the tempo but I can’t mark individual portions for different tempos and have them play as such during play back. As I said, I’m new to this game and I’m a rock n rolla, not a DAW saavy engineer. Again, any help or tips are welcome.