New to Dolby Atmos - Music

I’ve seen various videos about setting up Nuendo 11 for dolby atmos. Im new to this… mainly starting as it seems it’s getting bigger for music. I’ve found 2 approaches for setup:

  1. Atmos Monitoring on Headphones | Spatial Audio Meets AI - YouTube This approach seems easiest to deal with. However, creating an audio track as renderer was a bit confusing as to why. Could a group be used instead?

  2. 6.1 Nuendo 11 Integrated VST Dolby Atmos Renderer - YouTube His approach seems more in common to what I’ve seen. It does confuse as to why there is 7.1.12 sub bus (Bed), to feed the 7.1.4 main out.

Sorry for the newbie question. Been using Nuendo since version 1 for music only! Feel like a intern again!

The 1st video (by Nuendo channel) doesn’t seem to even work! This long video Nuendo 11 - Authoring for Dolby Atmos Workflow - YouTube has a more similar process to the 2nd video.

Man the Nuendo youtube channel kinda sucks! This is like the 3rd video with bad instructions. smh.

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I’m also interested on what is the best routing/ approach to monitor Dolby Atmos through Headphones. Some setup groups, others go to the device connections, others setup an audio track containing the renderer…
I’m on Audio Post, not music, I know that beds can only go up to 7.1.2 on the renderer, and I’m aware that headphones is clearly not the way to go, but I need to keep up with times and start diving into the workflows.


Found this guy on YouTube, maybe it will help a bit more.

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Thanks Miguel

There seems to be multiple ways of doing it, but I’m starting to get my head around it… I think!
The main 2 options seem to be:

  1. Having Dolby Atmos as your main output and using ambisonic as a group to allow binaural monitoring.
  2. Using Ambisonic (3rd order seems most recommended) as the main and then using dolby atmos as a way send to render.

Though I have a 5.1 setup in my studio, I am going to mix mainly through immerse and headphones… as right now it’s what 99.99% of music listeners (from streaming) will use. Will try both to see which will give me the truest mix.